Plate Bevelling Machines


Plate Bevel Pro 18

Range:  ¼" - 1½" plate thickness
Max. Bevel Width: 18mm

The Plate Bevel Pro 18 is our most popular portable plate edge bevelling machine. As with all models the  Plate Bevel Pro 18 offers automatic self feeding of the plate when bevelling small strips or, once positioned on a large plate will travel along the edge with no requirement for intervention by the operator.  Angles from 22½ to 55 degrees can be machined with ease.

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Plate Bevel Pro 28

Range: 5/16" - 2" Plate thickness
Max. Bevel Width: 28mm

The Plate Bevel Pro 28 gives a clean, bevelled, weld ready surface with no thermal distortion saving time and money.  As with all models the Plate Bevel Pro 28 offers automatic self feeding. The Plate Bevel Pro 28 can bevel radii and curved plate such as a pre-rolled vessel/heat exchanger.The Plate Bevel Pro 28 is fcapable of bevelling, carbon steels, stainless steels and more exotic materials such as Duplex & Hardox.

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Plate Bevel Pro HS 50

Range: 5/16" - 3";  Plate thickness
Max. Bevel Width: 62mm
The TAG Plate Bevel Pro HS-50 High Speed plate beveling machine
is the latest technology in portable plate edge bevelling. The HS 50
is the most powerful portable plate edge beveller in the world market
place, capable of bevelling plate thicknesses of up to 70mm with a
maximum bevel width of an incredible 62mm!
Using a high speed milling head with tungsten carbide inserts, the
HS-50 leaves a superior mirror finish, bevel, perfect for welding and also
cosmetic purposes, such as ramps or floor plates. When you need big
bevels, on heavy plate, The TAG Plate Bevel Pro HS-50 is the answer.

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